Most Video Game Consoles Played In One Minute

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Columbus, Ohio, United States / January 26, 2012

Ryan Sullivan played 13 different video game consoles in one minute.

The feat was set at Ohayocon, an annual Japanese animation and gaming convention. Sullivan is the Tournament Coordinator and Gaming Department Head at the event, which is in its 11th year.

Consoles and games in the lineup:

  1. Super Nintendo- Super Mario World
  2. Wii- Wii Sports Resort (100 Pin Bowling)
  3. Xbox 360- Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition
  4. Gamecube - Super Smash Bros. Melee
  5. NES - Legend of Zelda
  6. Dreamcast - Crazy Taxi
  7. Playstation - Gex
  8. Genesis - Sonic The Hedgehog
  9. Xbox - Halo 2
  10. PS2 - Namco Museum 50th Anniversary (Rolling Thunder)
  11. Sega Saturn - Revolution X
  12. PS3 - Tekken 6
  13. Atari VCS - Missile Command
- must make forward progress in each game
- may not play any type of video game console more than once
- must use consoles (handheld games and arcade model games not permitted)
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Tilly Racker

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  • United States Jason Brandt

    Nice work Ryan. 2048

  • United States Ian McGehee

    But you are still cool

  • United States Ian McGehee

    You did fine

  • United States Ian McGehee

    You played for 2 seconds then stoped

  • United States Nesophile1

    Wouldn't "forward progress" technically only constitute a single step forward in games where the goal is traveling from point A to point B ?

    In a game of score though, like Missile Command, progress would encompass making a single point to add to your tally. Because you are then one point closer to rolling the counter..."your goal".

    Fighting game - Scoring a hit of any kind on your opponent. It doesn't matter if your opponent hits you, or does more damage to you. Because you "progressed" your opponent's bar toward the bottom. (Your goal)

    Crazi Taxi is just a clusterfuck! Your goal is to drive your opponents to their destinations and earn money for doing so. So progress in this case would only come from completing a mission! You are not progressing anywhere when you start because you don't have a goal to get to until you pick up a passenger. Then, after you pick up your passenger, you're making zero steps forward in the game until you finish a drop-off and and actually get paid!

    Can you tell I'm a gamer ?

    Record needs waaaaay more guidelines...

  • The Internet brandon

    you only played each game for like two seconds time to grow and grow a pair

  • United States Josh Jones

    Nice Job Ryan!!

  • United States eva su


  • The Internet Lawrence Wong

    Lmao. He was getting slaughtered in Tekken when he left the console to go play some golf. Can't believe he missed the golf swings...

  • The Internet Eric Bailey

    Wow, people are actually reacting negatively to this record? Tell me: In this world you live in where lighthearted fun is not allowed and your favorite thing to do is have a terrible attitude about everything, what color is the sky?

  • The Internet Bman 3304

    Pretty lame record...

    • United States Codie

      someone drunk their "Hater-Aid"

  • The Internet Andy Shick

    Is it Tekken 3 or 6?

  • United States Patrick Scott Patterson

    Dan - Yeah, not so bad here outside of the fella dropping the f-bomb. My remarks were more an overall blanket after reading these here and comments on my story, Kotaku, Raptr and other sites.

    All fun and all good, and a good thing folks are considering more participation on this fun idea. Poor Jimmy gonna be left in the dust :D

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    PSP Totally agree it's about fun, but I think this is a healthy debate. For this category to evolve, I think it's good that people are getting into specifics re: the definition of "forward progress."

    Sean-Ryan (and others), any thoughts on how we can define "forward progress" across all games/systems? I'd argue that since we can't base it on a score (since some games aren't score-based), we almost need to accept "firing of a missile" or "throwing a punch" as progress. Perhaps "not landing a punch" could be grounds for failure. Thoughts?

  • United States Patrick Scott Patterson

    Why are some people taking an entertainment-based record (i.e. done for fun) so seriously?

    Ryan's gaming resume speaks for itself... he holds a number of skill-based world records. This is lighthearted fun. Some of ya should relax. Gaming is about fun, right?

  • The Internet Sean-Ryan Sullivan

    Missile command you made no progress within the time. Assuming progress in a game where your score is counted as progress you did manage to fire off the missiles BUT you did not get a score within the time limit (the impact of the missiles was at least 1 second after time expired). Also, how is progress made in a fighting game. In street fighter your hits were blocked AND you actually got knocked down taking more damage than your opponent....that is backwards progress.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Matt, the rules state you "must make forward progress in each game." As this category evolves, it will be interesting to say how gamers continue raising the bar by selecting games that allow for rapid forward movement. Hope you step up and try to beat it. Until then, congrats to Ryan!

  • The Internet Benjamin Eugene

    Matt>> back it up dude. Let's see your video.

  • United States Simon Kirk

    Matt - looks like you should find yourself some TVs then.

  • The Internet Matt Straka

    this is sort of a ridiculous record as the amount of time spent on each system is arbitrary....ive got 14 systems, give me 14 TVs and ill do the same thing

  • The Internet Ryan Sullivan

    I own all 13 of those consoles, which constitutes my library at this point, but I'll probably pick up a few more along the way (not including handhelds).

    Not sure what my next one will be yet! Thanks for the support guys!

  • The Internet Pan Galactic

    That is just fucking dumb.

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    in Phoenix Wright voice TAKE THAT!

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Ryan, what a great video and accomplishment! So fun to watch. Can't wait to see your next record. Starting off with a bang!

  • United States Simon Kirk

    Also, how many consoles do you own? Are you a collector?

  • United States Simon Kirk

    Nice work Ryan. What is your next record going to be?

  • United States Cat DeSpira

    I was waiting for this. Every day I'd think about it, 'When is Ryan going to lay it down...can the 26th get here fast enough?" Well, I was not disappointed! I knew he'd do it and do it in a manner thoroughly entertaining. This was so thrilling to watch and recaptured the spirit of something I felt, for a long time, had bitten the dust: Fun in Gaming :)

    Congrats, Ryan!

  • The Internet Andy Shick

    Played is some progress. Hence, the last 2 didn't count.

  • The Internet Alex Nadon

    id would be hard to get 11 consoles in one room.

  • The Internet Thomas Lee

    The question is, "What do they mean by 'played'?" because I didn't see a whole lot of playing going on there.

  • The Internet Nathan McClellan

    conan is better.

  • United States DaveyBets

    It looks like Jimmy goes backward in Crazy Taxi, and in Tomb Raider Lara Croft side steps a few times, but fails to make any forward progress. Just sayin'.

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