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Lowest "Minecraft" Tower

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States / July 5, 2012

Ryan Houghtaling built a tower in Minecraft that is one-tenth of a block in height.

FAILED: Does not beat current record.


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  • The Internet Neon Lights

    Actually, this record is not about the art style of the object its the Hit box or collider box that you want to look at that is the real size, a lily pad's hit box stands at 0.2 pixels tall and a pressure plate stands at 1 full pixel tall. so why is the record not broken? I think its because a lily pad isn't a block its an entity, It can't interfere with other blocks, it can't stop water and in the earlier MC you could walk through them! and that's my theory on why the lily pad can't break the record!

    • United States Nolan Sisto

      A lily pad isnt a 3d Object, or a cube, I would guess that "Tower" means that its 3D and you can see all the edges

  • The Internet TNTMIner123

    what about rails?

  • The Internet Cole Patterson

    I can break this. 0 blocks high.

  • The Internet Matthew Feinberg

    This can be beat. A lilypad is shorter.

  • Finland CensoredName

    I agree to Matthew, it is impossible to break this record without any mods.

  • The Internet Michael Luger

    Not true. If I have the time, I will break it. Yes, I can break 1/10 of a block.

  • The Internet Matthew Brandt

    This is pointless

    Any one can place a pressure plate and say that they tied the record

    It is impossable to make something lower without hacking or installing mod

  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    as per President Dan Rollman, we generally say the first attempt in a category must be breakable, but in an instance like this where a category may reach a dead end, we can and should accept them.

  • United States Simon Kirk

    The RecordSetter site rules say that every record has to be breakable. Is this record breakable? If the starting point was as low as it can go, does this count?

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