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Longest Time for Two People To Stare At Camera Without Blinking

United States Neil Moallem

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Rockford, Illinois, United States / October 11, 2011

Neil Moallem and his brother stared directly into a camera without blinking for 28.25 seconds.


FAILED: Does not beat current record.

Stride’s setting 100 records in 100 days. At the end of 100 days, we’ll verify if you are the standing Record Holder. If you are, you’ll get $500 for each record you managed to hold with your guile, talent, and sheer will.

General caution and common sense required. We show the Stride Team at work, but recommend that these challenges be done at home.

- timing starts when both participants have eyes open and are staring at camera
- timing stops when either participant blinks or stops staring at camera


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