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Fastest Time To Lick A Sharp Point On A Candy Cane

United States Emily Wilson

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Manhattan, New York, United States / March 7, 2009

Emily Wilson licked a brand-new, standard-sized candy cane to a sharp point in 2 minutes, 54.84 seconds, a new world record. Timing began when she started licking, and finished when she popped a balloon with the point, proving its sharpness.

The record was set on March 7, 2009 in New York City. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present as witnesses.



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  • United States Angelica Bozan

    Angelica Bozan

    I beat this w 46 seconds to spare!!!

  • United States Stweart


  • United States Anna Wiśniewska

    Anna Wiśniewska


  • United States Alyssa Huerta

    Alyssa Huerta

    I was really close, but I cut my tongue on the candy cane. Had to give up :I

  • She can lick my candy cane to a sharp point any day

  • I think I just broke the record for the fastest time to garner an erection, thanks Emily!

  • Amazing!!

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