Most Peeps Eaten In 30 Seconds



New York City, New York, United States / April 6, 2012

Competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi ate 25 Peeps in 30 seconds. He crushed his opponent Gavon Laessig, who only managed to eat four. The competition took place at BuzzFeed HQ in New York City, and was adjudicated by RecordSetter officials Corey Henderson and Emily Miethner.

NOTE: Competitive eating is dangerous and should not be attempted unless you are professionally trained.

- may drink between bites
- must begin with a clear mouth
- must use full-sized Peeps marshmallows
- must provide video evidence


Tags: mosteatingFood and DrinkcandyPeepsBuzzfeed

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  • United States reza salari

    funny دانلود آهنگ

  • Pakistan Sufia Arsala


  • The Internet Tomiputra Lauwali

    Matt "Megatoad" Stonie have beat him with like 28 peeps in his 30 sec (trying to eat 100 peeps chalange)

  • United States Corey Henderson

    Anona, it works for me here. Try the YouTube direct link:

  • The Internet Anona Mouse

    i cant watch it!!! why isnt this thing working???

  • United States Corey Henderson

    Let it be known that I miscounted during the live performance and only gave him credit for 20 when I announced the record at Buzzfeed HQ. But Emily rightly corrected me and we re-counted the empty containers and re-watched the raw footage and confirmed the count of 25.

    It was Kobayashi's third RecordSetter record, but my first to witness first hand and let me tell you, it was truly amazing.

  • United States Emily Patricia

    This was incredible to watch. Kobi is such a champ!

  • United States Danny Infinite

    So many things can be said here. Great job.

  • That's hard to watch. Made me sick just watchin it.

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