Longest Altoids Tin Domino Chain

United States


Cincinnati, Ohio, United States / October 22, 2011

Art Hoffman created a domino chain using 151 Altoidstins and successfully made the entire chain topple.

- no adhesives permitted
- only tins that topple with single push are counted
- tins must be at least one inch apart from one another
- must provide video evidence
- may only use Altoids tins


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  • United States Dush bag

    Is this all this old fuckers got

  • The Internet Victor Phillips

    Another great video! You are a WINNER!

  • United States Emily Patricia

    These videos are AWESOME!

  • United States Art Hoffman

    Thanks Nikki - I have been on a roll lately - did a couple more today that should interest you and other RecordSetter fans. And got to thank my buddy Brent Humes who amazes folks with his video skills - check out Dan the Sword Swallower and Ben Gross doing back flips - both from Cincinnati tour - he did their videos plus all of mine that day.

  • Philippines Nikki Cuaton

    nice one Art!.... good job and congratulation.. :) I love watching your videos!

  • United States Simon Kirk

    Great soundtrack!

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