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Highest Score In Arcade Mode Of "Fruit Ninja"

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Paris, Île-de-France, France / July 24, 2011

John Smith earned 1,232 points in Fruit Ninja. The game was set in arcade mode for the attempt.

- must play in arcade mode
- media submitted as evidence must show final score
- must observe RecordSetter video game criteria


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  • The Internet mohammad danish

    This screenshot is edited and fully fake. No one can make even 5000 in arcade mode with any blade and dojo.

    • The Internet Jfjdjskka

      Actually, theres a video on youtube where someone manages to get 6217 Points and his highscore is at over 7000 Points. Check it out, it's only like 1 week old

  • Canada Raido

    This Record was done on a jailbroken or hacked phone. This Record should be denied ASAP

  • The Internet Mac_the_Robotic_Orca

    I suck, I got 1690 with the 5th Anniversary Ember blade.

  • The Internet Emily Watson

    I got 6256 with the old glory and king dragon dojo because the dragon fruit always stay on the screen then once you get 4,5,6 or even +10 of them you forget about the normal fruit except peachy times and you slice the 10 fruit combo over and over so you get unbelievable blitzes like crazy then each individual dragon fruit gives you 50 bonus points at the end so that's what I did... you kind of have to get lucky though getting enough of the dragon fruit

    • The Internet Jfjdjskka

      Wow, you are the first person on the internet that I have found do that besides me. I even made a YouTube Video about me getting 6217 Points(HS 7322) I am kinda happy I'm not alone, but also kinda disappointed.

  • The Internet Bopiut

    I got 1035 on my android

  • The Internet Chagus

    Just scored a 2892.

  • The Internet anetka

    Tztz i Was thinking with 2108 i brake record 😂

  • United States Austin Hunt

    will fruit ninja free still count if i beat it??

  • The Internet Jonas

    My highscore in Srcade mode is 4545

  • The Internet Ben Conover

    I do bad. I only got 2016

  • The Internet BranTastic!!

    New best! Was 2913... Now it's 3872 😄

  • The Internet Isaiah

    Someone please tell me this 14k score is fake

  • The Internet Matteo Cipolla

    My Record is 2698 (arcade mode)

  • Italy Andrea Innocenti

    3360 arcade a record

  • Italy Andrea Innocenti

    2580 sorry... I have record

  • The Internet glen

    i just got 2569 in arcade using starfruits can this be submitted as i only have a screen shot?

  • The Internet Roger Notmeyer

    What's the highest score for fruit ninja free arcade mine is 1896

  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    Moving forwards, we will be phasing out photo submissions of gaming records. Please shoot a video of your final screen to avoid any debate re: manipulated images.

  • United States Michael Sroka

    Fake record. please take #1 score down. Your creditability will go out the window recordsetter.

  • Bangladesh shaker haider

    Pls check this out my highest scores though only screenshot.

  • Bangladesh shaker haider

    The way he played is look not like a pro. He missed so much combo.

  • Bangladesh shaker haider

    My next target is around 2000. Hope bit of luck. like yesterdays. I did 1743 with 2 full set, 1 freeze and 1 double. 1645 with 1 full set, 1 freenzy+double, freeze*3, 1 double. 1535 with 2 full set, freenzy+freeze, 1 freeze when I started playing fruit ninja about 3 months not at my peak and missed the most chance to score 1900+.

  • Bangladesh shaker haider

    My highest at arcade mode which above 1500+ are 1743, 1645, 1535, 1519 in 1.7.6. I can't play HD though, it seems hard to me. My friends those play with me all have above 1450+ two of them cross 1500 milestone once. I am the only one among my friends able do it multiple times. Suggest me a free apps to capture a video on android. I will upload it next time.

  • The Internet Juraz

    1157 in the full starfruit mode. I could imagine doing slightly better but 1500+ seems to be not possoble without cheating. Just wondering what was your highest total bonus? Mine 140

  • The Internet fruit

    My record is 1412! I am a fruit ninja.

  • The Internet Niki

    My highest score is 1196.

  • The Internet Avi

    Hey its avi,I have a score of 1650 in fruit ninja arcade mood

  • The Internet Daniel

    This is whole website is an utter joke. The fact that they would have a fraudulent high score - one that has obviously been hacked - as their top score on this page, proves they havent got a clue what they're doing. If the Record Setter people had the slightest clue what they were doing, they would KNOW as everyone who has ever played fruit ninja KNOWS that are score of 172 086 is IMPOSSIBLE. And what irritates me the most is that I contacted the Record Setter people privately explained their deficiencies to them politely, and they have the arrogance and ignorance to do nothing about it. Joke. A heads up: I will be contacting every person who has ever made a post on this site and inviting them to the launch of a BRAND NEW SITE - that will actually be well managed and well maintained and will not treat it's customers like fools. Once my gaming record site is launched , none of you will ever have to waste your time by coming to this D-grade website again. Thank you for time..

  • The Internet Raimond

    im from Latvia and my highscore in arcade is 1242. kinda proud of myself :D

  • The Internet Sanmati Jain

    hi my name is sanmati and my highest score is 12138.

  • The Internet Anand J

    my highest score is 895

  • The Internet Anand J

    my highest score is 895

  • The Internet awesome gray

    my arcade mode record is 1500... just hold your combo blitz and hope for LOTS of bananas

    • The Internet awesome gray

      also if anyone wants to check out my fruit ninja memes page on Facebook... its pretty new and doesnt have many likes but it would be great if you guys liked it and/or shared it around

  • The Internet Renan Dos

    Meu recorde no fruit ninja 809 Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

  • The Internet Farshad K

    Its NOT in zen mode !!!!! Its ARCADE !!!!!! There is no bonus in zen mode P.S. 700 on arcade ????? A baby can beat that !!!!! My zen mode record is 334 Arcade 1260 :P

    • Bangladesh shaker haider

      How did you do that in zen? Are you playing HD? In 1.7.6 I scored 308, where I might not miss more then 1 or 2 combos. Arcade 1260? I can beat it everyday.

  • The Internet alec

    my high score is 1055 on my android phone. not much to brag about but I was proud

  • The Internet Jeremy Levi

    Not sure if this worth mentioning, but I have a score of over 600 in arcade mode while playing the free version on my phone. I don't think I get the special fruit that you guys might get and I'm not sure if a larger screen gives you a major advantage.

  • The Internet Bennett

    My high is 1038

  • The Internet You suck


  • The Internet You suck

    You suck i got487

  • The Internet Razvan Vintilescu

    1710 top score on arcade (android, no starfruit)

  • The Internet Jannii Papadog

    I have 1619 on Arcade Mod with starfruits ;)

  • The Internet Caleb

    Interesting but u don't have to cuss me out though

  • The Internet Daniel

    Hey guys, I have a top score of 1726 on arcade mode fruit ninja.. How do I make this official?

    • United States Jenn Wark

      Hi Daniel, can you use your phone or webcam to shoot a quick video? Then you just use our submission page to send it in. Looking forward to seeing it.

    • The Internet Daniel

      Thanks Jenn. Sorry what do you mean by shoot a quick video? Of what Sorry? I can take a screen shot of my iphone (which will show my top score in the top left corner) and I could send that in?

    • Bangladesh shaker haider

      Sorry guy I made 1743 but only screenshot :-P

  • The Internet Alex

    how do you post a picture on here?

  • The Internet Alex

    /Users/alexswanton/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Masters/2012/12/27/20121227-192240/IMG_0742.PNG

  • England Kwon jr

    Can someone tell me why gergo tamas's score which is clearly a hacked score has been accepted and why eduardo's score which clearly is not hacked is not the record??? Thanks

  • England Kwon jr

    Clearly the game was hacked! Should not be the record!

  • The Internet bigkeep69

    1649 on arcade for my lg lucid

  • The Internet venkatesh

    Hi today i made 1319 on fruit ninja version 1.7.6 arcade mode on my celkon A89 :)

  • The Internet vishal

    hi friends,today i create new world highest record 1603 on arcade mode on my nokia C6-01of version 1.7.4. i am very very happy today.

  • The Internet leoni

    how can i find out the world record score for the strafruit version

  • The Internet leoni

    i mean me haha

  • The Internet leoni

    my girlfriend got 1572 in the version with starfruit

  • The Internet vishal

    i can create 1375 score in arcade mode In version 1.7.4 on my nokia C6-01

  • The Internet Siaisiaj

    Got 1468 in arcade mode.. But not in the latest version.. In version 1.7.4

  • The Internet Krista Allen

    I actually just got 1397 on fruit ninja arcade mode... Got the picture don't know how to upload it but I'm sure ill figure it out.

  • The Internet Krista Allen

    I actually just got 1397 on fruit ninja arcade mode... Got the picture don't know how to upload it but I'm sure ill figure it out.

  • The Internet komninos

    1503 on arcade....

  • The Internet Hayley MacDonald

    I have 21,000 on but I only have a picture of my score boo

  • United States JN2

    How in the world?

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