Heaviest Stone Shoulder Pressed


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San Luis Potosi, Mexico / January 14, 2013

Manuel H. performed a shoulder press using a 130-kilogram (286.60 pound) stone.

- must shoulder press stone with bare hands
- no assistance permitted


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  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Very impressive lift. Manuel, can you provide any info on how the stone was measured?

    • Mexico Manuel herlo

      Sure Dan I weighed all my stones at a metal scrap place , do you you need a letter from the place ?you tell me ,Dan thank you so much my friend !

    • Mexico Manuel herlo

      I also included a photo of me lifting the stone ,where the size of the stone can be really appreciated much better than in the video,it's the first picture in my profile,have a great day Dan !

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      The stone looks huge, no question. For future submissions, we ask that you include video evidence that proves exact weight. This will allow for fair competition in case others want to challenge you.

    • Mexico Manuel herlo

      I completely agree ,Dan I will submit video evidence of the weighing within a week,thanks a lot ,friend .

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