Heaviest Refrigerator Carried Without Assistance

United States Phil Johnson

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Wayzata, Minnesota, United States / September 9, 2012

Phil J. carried a 250-pound refrigerator a distance of eight blocks without assistance. He is a professional mover.

- must carry refrigerator without assistance or tools
- must carry refrigerator on back
- must carry refrigerator at least eight blocks
- must provide video evidence


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  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Phil, impressive stuff. A couple questions:

    1. Did you weigh the fridge? Can you provide any evidence of its weight?

    2. Do you have evidence you carried it eight blocks? Do you know the actual distance traveled?

    • United States Phil Johnson

      Phil Johnson

      Actually it weighed closer to 300 lbs. Many witnesses since it was a parade route. The tough part was that the parade kept stopping which I did not anticipate. It is much easier when your legs keep moving.

    • United States Connie Lindberg

      Connie Lindberg

      Witnesses all along the parade route - Phil did not put it down once during the parade!! The Chiropractors were all over him after!

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