Heaviest Dog Lifted On The RecordSetter Book Tour

United States Art Hoffman

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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States / October 22, 2011

Art Hoffman lifted his dog Chenji, who weighs 69.4 pounds during a stop on the RecordSetter book tour.

- weight must be generated from a scale or from a recent vet certificate
- must provide video evidence
- attempt must be performed during the RecordSetter book tour
- may not have assistance in lifting dog
- must be a complete lift; all four paws must be off of the ground for lift to qualify


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  • United States Art Hoffman

    Art Hoffman

    Sure there are heavier dogs out there who have been lifted at some point, but my guess is that this one was the heaviest lifted during the tour. Let's keep this theme going - anyone else out there feeling super strong and likes to hoist the pooches?

  • The Internet Patience Summers

    Patience Summers

    Thats probably not the heaviest dog anyways so dont exagerate

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