Most Balloon Dogs Created In One Minute



Omagh, Northern Ireland / February 5, 2017

Ryan T. constructed 16 balloon animal dogs in one minute.

- must use standard-sized 260Q balloons
- uninflated end of balloons must become dogs' tails
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet shayari gyan

    awesome my friend.

  • United States Rachelle Pollard


  • United States Johan Rock

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  • United States daily sports

  • United States daily sports


  • India ferousi ferro

    Outstanding...Extreme performance...Congrats for this record.All the best for future achievements...thank you from TopStore on Ios

  • Trinidad and Tobago Peter Bond

    wow) that is fantastic)

  • United States John Wikk

    Very good, congrats! I must try!

  • Wales Mark Evans

    congrats on your guinness record could you try and beat it on recordsetters,cause thats what we do ,my lastest guinness record is the most tattoos of the same name on the body 267,and soon i will brake this on recordsetters,all the best mark

  • The Internet Ryan Farewell

    What's the new record then?

  • The Internet Just me

    And today 5-21-14 this record was broken by Joshua Bichler of Salem Oregon.... Wait for the Guiness book to be updated!

    • United States Rick Hessler

      How ever breaks it, I'll break it again, no Biggy.

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      For what it's worth, there's no online evidence that Guinness ever confirmed Bichler's attempt. We at RecordSetter have yet to see any evidence of his attempt. Rick Hessler's record still stands. Read more here:

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Rick, awesome record! I hope you'll set more like this.

  • United States Brian Pankey


  • United States Brian Pankey


  • United States Brian Pankey


  • United States Brian Pankey

    sentences keep getting cut off

  • United States Brian Pankey

    My specialties are Balancing

  • United States Brian Pankey

  • United States Brian Pankey

    Dear Valerie I'm sorry you feel that way about me. I never claimed to be an expert balloon twister. My specialties are balancing

  • United States Valerie Myers

    got cut off here's the end of my comment:

    wincing your eyes

  • United States Valerie Myers

    hahahah wow Brian Pankey...thank you! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! I have a new record that you are a shoe-in for: World's most Dogmatic Balloon Dog Expert.

    Mr. Pankey, I'm sure by now you wondering why I am being so "mean" and you deserve to know. So before I tear apart the above abomination, you might want to grab the pillow you like to cry into and some comfort food because it's about to get "very mean".

    The reason I'm going to have to pick on you is at the top of your video. Instead of just getting right into setting your record you felt compelled to put a weird little arrogant"lesson"on the correct way to make a balloon dog. What lazy amateurish universe has accepted the misshapen-rabbit-eared-impossibly-long-tailed-product-of-half-ass-ed-ness you ostentatiously pronounce a proper balloon dog?

    I'm gonna help you out a little.. Brian Pankley. All you gotta do the salvage your posting is change your record title to: World's Worst Balloon Dog Maker

    here ya go I saved you a little time by writing up your Record Criteria: - must use standard-sounding lingo to seem as though you are a professional. say things like "260Q balloons" awwww Bri Bri smart smart he make a rule outta what it say on package..' - uninflated end of balloons must become dogs' tails, in other words you are expressly forbidden to make the end of the balloon into anything that go be beyond the rudimentary skill level of the Pankey Standard. -your Balloon Dog must in no way resemble the actual proportions of a the living creature referred to as a "Dog" or canine. Your balloon dog must have a freakishly disproportionate ear to face ratio and of coarse a tail longer then it's entire body. -when you twist the balloons it's very important that your face show that you are actually terrified of them popping. everyone knows that turning your head away slightly, wincing your eyes

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