Heaviest Deadlift From 17 Inches

United States Clint Poore


Albany, Kentucky, United States / March 4, 2014

Clint Poore performed a 555-pound deadlift from a height of 17 inches.

- must lift weight raw (without the aid of a deadlift suit)
- must stand fully upright while deadlifting
- must deadlift weight from a height of 17 inches
- must lift weight with no supportive equipment
- must lift weight unassisted
- lifting straps are not allowed
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Patrick Minardi

    Patrick Minardi

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah this isnt a world record by any means many people can rack pull over 1000 pounds

  • United States Abel Duron

    Abel Duron

    I can deadlift 405 lbs at 18 inches off floor for reps and I'm only 120 lbs which makes over me lift over 3+ bodyweight

  • United States Todd Martin

    Todd Martin

    Dude that was crazy cool-WAY TO GO!

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