Most People Piggy-Backed At Once

United States

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Lake City, Florida, United States / May 5, 2009

Dakota Smith piggybacked four people at once, a new world record. His performance beat the previous record by one person. At one point Smith had five people on his back, but they didn’t stay up for at least ten seconds, a time length set by the original record creator.

Smith set the record on May 5, 2009 in Lake City, Floridia. Dustin Busscher was present as a witness.

- must keep piggy-backers on back for at least 10 seconds


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  • Canada Kevin Zuccherato

    The thing is they obviously weren't on his back for 10 seconds. Oh well.

  • United States Rob Birdsong

    Hi Bjorn, we'd love it if you smashed this record. Lift up more than five people, hold them up for 10 seconds, film it, and the world record will be yours. Submit it here:

    Good luck!

  • Germany Björn Eberhardt

    This seems to be an easy attempt for anyone. I did this a year ago with three adults and felt like being able to carry another one, but there weren't any (not even a camera man). If I did it with 4 adults, would it already be broken?

  • United States Adam Okrasinski

    I would like to contest this. Dakota Smith clearly lined up children for his record attempt. I would like to go on the record with my vote that this post reclassified separately as the record for Most Children Piggybacked, and that an age definition of 18 for the piggybackees be set. That said, consider me training for my next attempt. No hard feelings Dakota, but I am coming for you.

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