Fastest Time For A Five-Year-Old To Run 60 Feet

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Opdyke, Illinois, United States / July 20, 2014

Blake, who is five years old, ran 60 feet in 4.80 seconds.

- must be five years old
- must show measurement of distance
- must show timing for run
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Adelle Dian

    does he have cancer?cause he bald,you don't need to answer if it personal

  • United States Matthew smith

    does he have cancer?

  • Australia James Rogers


  • United States jakanz

    Dude, you cut it! That's such a blatant cut from the actual record!

  • United States Arina Hagist

    You cut video Thats not fair

  • The Internet Nancy Kate Phillippi

    Yes. I am sorry. We uh... That was our third take of him running, the other two bad because of the same thing. Benjamin was so frustrated with me because of this, and I took the one closest to the whole thing. I will try to break this record and make a new video for it... This time I will focus on holding the camera right!

  • Philippines Cyril Navidad

    Nancy-Kate and Benjamin, great record! I hope you could show in the video the whole feat. We can't see where Benjamin stopped or reached 60 feet.

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