Fastest Time To Run A Half-Marathon Wearing A Gas Mask, Flak Jacket And A Kevlar Helmet While Carrying A 10-Pound Baton

United States


Staten Island, New York, United States / October 10, 2010

Swineflu Avenger ran a half marathon in two hours, 17 minutes and 45 seconds while wearing a gas mask, a flak jacket and a kevlar helmet and carrying a 10 pound baton.

- items must be worn for entire race
- items may be removed during breaks, but no forward progress permitted without wearing them


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  • United States Swineflu Avenger

    Hi Corey! The 10 lb baton was a 12 lb "Body Bar" that I cut down to be 39.5" long, the length of an M-16 rifle, which also happens to make it exactly 10 lbs. The gas mask is a fully-functioning U.S. Gov't. Issue I M-17 model. -SfA

  • United States Corey Henderson

    a) tell us more about this 10 pound baton. What is the story there?
    b) What kind of gas mask is permitted here?

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