Fastest Time For A 5-Year-Old To Complete 100 Push-Ups



Mumbai, Maharashtra , India / July 11, 2010

Ronak Vitha completed 100 push-ups in 47.62 seconds at the age of five.

- arms must lock at peak of push-ups and elbows must be 90 degrees at base of push-ups
- partially completed push-ups deducted from final tally


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  • The Internet Nick

    somebody help him, he's having convultions :)

  • United States Noah Kurtz

    Is his head OK ???? Looks like he was hitting it into the cloth pretty hard.

  • United States Eric C

    Those aren't pushups...

  • The Internet Dirk VandenBergh

    Nice try! Form was a little sloppy, but he did do them non-stop. Isn't that what consecutive means everyone?

  • France Guillaume Bourgeois

    At your age I had not yet begun the push ups. I started at age 13. Achieve what you are doing at your age is extraordinary. I admire Ronak.

  • Pakistan Navid Qazi

    Amazing video with little tiger ;O)

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    I concur with Rob. Ronak, this is an amazing, amazing video, but it appears you only did 97. I'd love to see you re-attempt this record, paying more attention to form, too.

  • United States Rob Birdsong

    This record seems too loose. How do people feel only 97 push ups were completed? I'd also argue these push-ups do not fully follow the criteria.

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