Most Push-Ups In 24 Hours

United States


Fontana, California, United States / April 24, 1993

Charles Servizio completed 46,001 push-ups in 24 hours.

- arms must lock at peak of push-ups and elbows must be 90 degrees at base of push-ups
- partially completed push-ups deducted from final tally


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  • The Internet Kevin ward

    There not proper press ups chest to high.bobbins

  • United States Brian Pankey

    Hard work, determination, passion, confidence that what I admire about Charles Servizio a truly incredible human being!

  • United States Alicia Weber

    Incredible Record!! CONGRATS!

    • The Internet Bill

      Amazing, but he did not do strict style push ups. Note, his feet are elevated and he does not touch his chest only his nose and uses a folded up towel . His arms are only slightly bent and not like a traditional push up. I doubt he could ever do that many push ups in the old strict traditional style. The Japanese record holder at 10,067.00 I believe were traditional push ups.

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