Most Consecutive Horn Toot Push-Ups


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Perth, Western Australia, Australia / December 31, 2009

Stephen Phillips completed 50 consecutive push-ups while blowing a party horn during each push-up.

The record was set at the Metropolis Fremantle nightclub during the World’s Largest Pajama Party in Perth, Australia. Dan Rollman was present to document the record.


- must complete one horn toot for every pushup
- arms must lock at peak of push-ups and elbows must be 90 degrees at base of push-ups
- partially completed push-ups deducted from final tally


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  • The Internet Jovah Siegel

    I'm going to start training to beat this record.

  • The Internet Jovah Siegel

    Good spirit, but those are not proper push-ups at all. A proper push-up down position is when your upper arms are parallel to the ground, and is completed when the arms are fully extended. There is not one single complete push-up in this attempt.

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