Longest Time For A Dog To Lick One's Abdomen

United States Scott Skitch


Triangle, North Carolina, United States / May 19, 2012

Scott Skitch’s dog licked Scott’s abdomen for two minutes, 14.00 seconds.

- dog may lick anywhere on abdomen or chest
- may apply edible substances to abdomen or chest
- may not have more than a five second pause between licks
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Leigh Mccullough

    Leigh Mccullough


  • United States Britanni Buchanan

    Britanni Buchanan


  • United States Denis Cox

    Denis Cox

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  • United States Denis Cox

    Denis Cox

    good post

  • United States Cody Sims

    Cody Sims

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  • United States Jim Ms

    Jim Ms

    Yes, the record here for continuous licking should be 0:58 seconds

  • United States Marc


    Is this record for the longest continuous licking? Because the camera stops at 0:58, 1:56 and 2:06.

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