Fastest Time To Finish A 15K Race While Twirling A Baton

United States Kerry Speckman


Jacksonville, Florida, United States / March 9, 2013

Kerry Speckman finished a 15-kilometer race in two hours, 37 minutes, 51.00 seconds while twirling a baton. She set the record during Gate River Run in Jacksonville, Florida to raise money for her local high school's music department.

- must run a 15-kilometer race on a course certified by USA Track and Field (USATF)
- may walk or run the entire course
- must finish race without assistance
- must twirl a baton for duration of attempt
- must cross official start and finish line
- must show chip time listed in the race's official result


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  • United States Nora Lewis

    Nora Lewis

    Very impressive!

    My arms would have been EXHAUSTED

    • United States Kerry Speckman

      Kerry Speckman

      Thanks! It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Plus, the twirling distracted me from the fact that I had to walk NINE miles! :)

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