Longest Exquisite Corpse T-Shirt Relay

United States

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States / June 17, 2009

Nine people participated in a 900-meter exquisite corpse relay race, a new world record. The first participant ran 100 meters and drew part of a person on their t-shirt. The shirt was then transferred to the next relay member, who put it on and added to the first person’s drawing while running. This was done repeatedly, with each person running 100 meters, until the drawing of the person was complete.

The record was set on June 17, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The relay participants were Jessica Dunn, Lindsay Gerlach, Courtney Hacker, Flounder Lee, Paul Miller, Kurt Nettleton, Kyle Channing Smith, Victoria Son and Courtney Ware. Lamar Richcreek was present as a witness.


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