Most Expensive Certified Green Home

United States Frank McKinney

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Manalapan, Florida, United States / August 1, 2009

Frank McKinney designed and built a certified green mansion valued at $29 million dollars (U.S.). The house has a Silver LEED rating from the U.S Green Building Council, a Certified Florida Green Home rating from the Florida Green Building Coalition, and meets the Energy Star for Homes criteria established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency[].

The house includes an innovative use of solar, water, and materials. Super energy efficient appliances cut down on electrical consumption by nearly 60%.

On certain days the home will be energy neutral, and can generate enough electricity to run two average-sized homes. The house used enough reclaimed and renewable wood to save over 10.5 acres of rain forest.

A system that collects runoff water from the cedar roof fills the water garden. The system collects enough reusable water to fill the average size swimming pool every 17 days.

McKinney donated money from the sale of the house to the Crush It Charity[], which builds houses and self-sufficient villages in Haiti.

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