Largest Group Wearing Jellyfish Hats At Once


Lavallette, New Jersey, United States / February 4, 2011

A group of 210 Lavallette Elementary Schoolstudents wore jellyfish hats at at once. They set the world record to raise environmental awareness forBarnegat Bay.

See more about the event here.

- hats must be made of recycled plastic containers with long strips of plastic material attached


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    Congratulations to the Lavallette Elementary School for setting this record! Just prior to this video you preformed your original skit , "Nix Nitrogen 'N Nettles Now." In the skit you showed your understanding of many factors that create water pollution and, most importantly, what students your age can do to help solve these problems. The skit, your song, and your world record demonstrate that you have a good understanding of how excess nitrogen from fertilizer affects Barnegat Bay in a negative way. I hope others in the Barnegat Bay Watershed will follow your lead. Well done! Dr. Merritt

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    For more information... and and

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    Nix Nitrogen 'N Nettles Now -- CHALLENGE all residents in Barnegat Bay Watershed to beat this record to raise awareness of pollution in the Barnegat Bay. Join the fight...Stand Up for Barnegat Bay...reclaim the bay from sea nettles and nitrogen...we'll send you our hats to get started. Contact Lavallette Elementary School.

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