Largest Corn Holder Squirrel Feeder Collection

Largest Corn Holder Squirrel Feeder Collection

United States Cameron Shurtz

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States / September 9, 2009

Cameron Shurtz has one corn holder squirrel feeder in his collection.


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  • WARNING about GREEN-COATED WIRE SINGLE CORN-COB HOLDERS. I recently bought this spiral holder and I'm taking it back to Wal-Mart and will call the company to insist on a recall. I was appalled to see a squirrel hanging from the tighly-wound 2-3 bottom spirals, with its toe caught in the wire, struggling to get free. I ran out and got the feeder off the hanger, was busy trying to get heavy gloves on, and grab something to capture it but the squirrel ran, dragging it behind. It was by a big maple so I clamped a dome-shape bird-feeder cover over it. To complicate things, an old tv antenna cable got tangled in the feeder. I ran and got my loppers and cut the cable, the squirrel took off again, trying to climb another tree, but of course couldn't. It ran under my carport and hid under some palettes. I got a small box and my big cat carrier but the squirrel had crawled under a stack of palettes. Not thinking, I grabbed it by the tail half way down and that came off. It was almost an hour in all before I got it into the small box and into the carrier and headed 8 miles to the vet's. She came out with bolt cutters which never would have done the trick. I tried to stop her from opening the cage door all the way until I explained what was going on, knowing the squirrel would again run with the feeder attached. The squirrel leapt out of the carrier and I had that sinking feeling knowing it would be dragging the feeder and I'd never catch it again, but to my amazement, it had gotten free of it, WHEW. It had run off out of sight. I'm somewhat concerned since it's probably one that lived in my attic. I'm in upstate New York where it's been Jan. thaw most of the month, I hope it can survive, realizing the problems of infection and half a tail. The toe did not appear to be badly damaged, just a little blood, and it didn't chew its toe off. At least it's free, they have a bird feeder at the vets so it won't starve. DON'T BUY THOSE SPIRAL SINGLE-COB FEEDERS!

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