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Most Handstand Push-Ups With Bent Knees

Cyprus Superbeefman Mike


Limassol, Cyprus / October 10, 2013

Superbeefman Mike completed 29 consecutive handstand push-ups. He kept his knees bent for duration of attempt.

- must provide video evidence
- hands must remain planted once in handstand position; moving forward or backward with hands is not permitted
- no outside support permitted
- push-ups must be consecutive
- must bend elbows 90 degrees
- must keep knees bent for duration of attempt


Tags: mostsportsexercisefitnessstrengthpushuppush uphandstand

  • Cyprus Superbeefman Mike

    Superbeefman Mike

    Just wondering as ive beaten everyone, shouldn't there be an added category of over 40 as well seen as that's classed as a veteran! That way if and when im beaten by the younger man,it will perhaps illustrate just how good I was in my prime when no over 40 person can get close to it!!

  • Denmark Oliver Storm

    Oliver Storm

    Nice, but i don't see why you added the "bent knees". The other record is called "Most Handstand Push-Ups Without Wall Support" and is 31 times.

    Anyway i am going to beat this record of yours one day :)

  • Cyprus Superbeefman Mike

    Superbeefman Mike

    Thank you Lauren :-)

  • United States Lauren Goodman

    Lauren Goodman

    This unbelievable record made our #RecordSetterTop5 of the week:

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Nice job raising the bar on our own record!

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