Most Coins Laying Flat On The Edge Of A Coin Standing Vertically On Another Coin

United States


Pima, Arizona, United States / October 4, 2017

Tai Star stacked 41 coins on the edge of a coin standing vertically on another coin.

- must perform attempt on smooth, flat surface
- may only use a single coin as base
- only one coin may stand vertically on the base coin
- only the coins on top of the vertical coin will be counted
- must observe RecordSetter balancing criteria
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


Tags: mostbalancingcointopplacing

  • The Internet Dada Raghead

    He likely used a magnet under the table. Also note the way this self centered child picks up coins so gruffly while assembling. Vibration from this alone would have caused coin tower to fall.

  • United States Tai Star

    Could go higher and wider If I had a coin that stood on edge sturdier

  • Australia Demythrate

    hmm! An interesting way to do this record! Didn't think of this but nice job

  • United States Tai Star

    I think the Guinness record for this is like 800 but no video evidence is available. They told me about it when I tried to set Most Coins on a dime.

  • United States Tai Star this record is the same challenge

  • United States Simon Kirk

    This is really impressive. One of the best records on the site.

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