Most Coins Magically Pulled From Behind Someone's Ear In One Minute

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Great Neck, New York, United States / January 18, 2010

Warren Kay magically pulled 26 coins out of Mason Kay’s ear in one minute.

- must pull coins one at a time


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  • The Internet Kayden Perez


  • Ireland Zac Coveney

    This isn't that impressive I can pull 26 coins in 20 seconds. And I've only been doing magic for a year...

    • The Internet Grant Fikes

      When you see a record that doesn't impress you, do what I did: grab yourself a camera and beat that record! :D

      Seriously. My first world record on this site was the one for Fastest Othello Game. I knew for a long time that it could be beaten easily just by playing the "fool's mate" of Othello (9 moves) rather than the 60-move game the original record setters did, so I finally got my iPhone camera and found someone with an Othello game who was willing to help, and we destroyed that record together. It shouldn't be too hard to find someone who's willing to have coins produced from their ears. :)

    • Ireland Zac Coveney

      Haha true. Younger siblings normally make good "coin monkeys"

    • The Internet Grant Fikes

      As a certified amateur magician myself, I look forward to seeing you break this record. If not for the glory of having a word record, do it for the sake of improving the quality of the records on this site. Certainly, the classic "producing coins from behind someone's ear" plot is one of the more amusing magic-related RecordSetter records. :)

    • The Internet Izzy

      well then you do it i want a video now

  • this is bullshit. thats not magical in any way.

  • no jack fuck this kid beat him

  • The Internet Jack Webster

    Ima let you have this one

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    He pulled the 10th one out of his cheek!

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