Most American Nickels Balanced On Elbow And Caught

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Los Angeles, California, United States / November 14, 2011

Kevin C. balanced 41 American nickels on his elbow and caught them.

- may balance nickels in more than one stack
- must catch all nickels balanced with hand
- any dropped nickels automatically disqualifies the attempt
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet roy mita

    Kalyan Chart kalyan chart

  • The Internet roy mita

    Teer Result teer result

  • The Internet Chris

    I snatched 47 nickels a few years ago. I practiced for one day. Quarters are much more difficult.

  • United States Liz Jenke

    When we sent this record in we titled most nickels caught from elbow not the title it is now, so i was hoping thats what the title would be so that we didnt get any criticism on the record.

  • Australia Peter Craig

    I guess if you're counting the coins balancing, then these should all be caught. But if it's only counting the caught coins, the balancing doesn't factor into the category or title. I think any of the variations are perfectly fine, and all have slightly varying technique to pull off.

  • Australia Peter Craig

    not sure Dan, maybe some variations? "Most nickels balanced and caught" seems to be me to be any arrangement/configuration on the elbow as long as ALL coins are caught. The alternative is "Most coins caught from elbow" which would be the count of the final catch. Then a third variation is being specific on the tower configuration, whether this is broken into all coins and most together I'm not sure.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Nick, awesome feat. I'd like to see some consistency in these categories. In Quarters Balanced, criteria stipulates that ALL coins must be caught. On the other hand, it allows for more than one tower to be built on the elbow. What do people think? I vote we insist that all coins be caught (translation: deny this record), but allow for more than tower to be built on the elbow. Would love some dialogue.

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