Largest Cigarillo Pouch Collection

United States Devin Wiles


Crystal River, Florida, United States / June 16, 2012

Devin Wiles has 467 pouches from White Owl and Phillies cigarillos in his collection.

- pouches must be from White Owl or Phillies cigarillos
- must provide video evidence
  • United States Julii Hall

    Julii Hall

    How many is this exactly?

  • United States Devin Wiles

    Devin Wiles

    I usually don't collect things but they kept piling up around my room so I decided, to start to collect them. Eventually there was so many I had to put em in a big shoe box. It was breaking so I decided to count them. They are empty.

  • United States Corey Henderson

    Corey Henderson

    Tell us more about this. Why did you collect them? Are they empty? Full?

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