Most Smoke Rings Blown From A Single Draw Of A Pipe

United States


Manchester, Missouri, United States / October 29, 2009

Jay Kurtz blew 23 smoke rings after a single draw from a tobacco pipe.

- may not create rings using illegal narcotics
- must be 18 or over to attempt
- each ring must be distinct and clearly countable
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Tilly Racker

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  • United States JAMES LAWRENCE

    Looks really cool

  • India Mike Rosterz

    Looks really cool! I also can do like that. But I don't smoke cigarettes, I prefer to vape different liquids including cbd. It can help to relax and reduce stress after hard working day. Here on you can order a lot of cool products and enjoy them!

  • The Internet Gargantubrain VGod Zachajewea

  • United States IXI Xi

    doesn't even know how to blow a proper O! aha, nor does he know how to blow the small O's which he could've easily popped out 100 or more.. shouldn't've done it like that! but that's what happens with newbie smokers!

  • The Internet EnglishKing Jordan

    You wish that was the most

  • United States Noah Riffe


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