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00:10 United States

Most Kickflips While Blindfolded And Holding Hands Inside Pants Pockets

Jayson Stone

Jayson S. performed a kickflip while blindfolded and keeping his hands inside his pants pockets.

01:02 Wales

Most Table Tennis Ball Bounces On A Computer Mouse While Stepping On A Stepper Machine

Mark Evans

Mark Evans bounced a table tennis ball on a computer mouse 133 times while stepping on a stepper machine.

00:40 India

Most Thread Reels Used To Build An Eiffel Tower Replica

gattem venkatesh

Gattem V. used 256 thread reels to build a replica of the Eiffel Tower. The tower stands 90 cm high. It took Gattem 48 hours to complete the entire replica.

00:32 United States

Most Wall Flips In 15 Seconds

Justin Case

Justin C. completed eight wall flips in 15 seconds.

00:56 Germany

Longest Diabolo Infinite Suicide Trick While Rotating A Devilstick

Lukas Reichenbach

Lukas R. performed a diabolo Infinite Suicide trick for 43.57 seconds while rotating a devilstick.

United States

Most Aerial Peanut Claps


Matt from West Peanutters tossed a peanut in the air and clapped 16 times before catching it, a RecordSetter.com World Record. He set the record as part of Planters' "World Nut Records" campaign. Think you can beat Matt's record? Go to RecordSetter.com/Planters for full info, and stay tuned for more nut challenges throughout the summer of 2015.

01:41 England

Most People Simultaneously Touching A Pork Pie While Listening To "U Can't Touch This"

Nicky Wilkinson

Nicky Wilkinson led five people in touching a pork pie while listening to U Can't Touch This.

10:14 Wales

Most Bounces Of A Plastic Golf Ball On A Gift Card

Mark Evans

Mark Evans bounced a plastic golf ball on a gift card 1,744 times.


Most Times To Dribble A Basketball Off The Side Of A Building In 30 Seconds


Suresh Gaur dribbled a basketball off of the side of a building 181 times in 30 seconds.

03:05 India

Most Trips To The Holy Land


Lazar J. traveled to the Holy Land 179 times in the span of 16 years.

03:00 England

Most Tennis Ball Bounces On A Tennis Racquet By A 10-Year-Old

Jeanette hiscocks

10-year-old record setter Samuel H. bounced a tennis ball on a tennis racquet 465 times.


Most Piano Notes Played Per Minute While Playing A Song Based On Indian Classical Music

aman bathla

Aman Bathla played 804 notes per minute on a piano. He used an original composition titled "Pragaman" for the attempt, which is a piece based on Indian classical music.


Most Steps Climbed While Performing A Keepie Uppie

Laurent Kelly

Laurent K. climbed 33 steps while performing a keepie uppie.

00:15 Canada

Most High Kicks Performed In 15 Seconds

Allie and Elle inc productions

Ellie performed 15 high kicks in 15 seconds.

00:46 India

Most Matchsticks Used To Build An Eiffel Tower Replica

Abhishek Bansal

Abhishek B. used 45,000 matchsticks to build an Eiffel Tower replica. The tower stands five feet, 10 inches tall. It took Abhishek a year and a half to complete the entire replica.

01:18 United States

Most Times Tying Shoelace In One Minute

Grant Langford

Grant L. tied and untied his shoelace 16 times in one minute.

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