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01:00 Australia

Most Ear Wiggles In One Minute

Jacob Blackburn

Jacob B. wiggled his ears 175 times in one minute.

01:17 Slovakia

Most Pair Of Socks Folded In 40 Seconds While Drinking Root Beer

Pavol Durdik

Pavol D. folded 18 pairs of socks in 40 seconds while drinking a glass of root beer.

03:39 Wales

Most Table Tennis Ball Bounces On A Plastic Table

Mark Evans

Mark Evans bounced a table tennis ball on a plastic table 482 times.


Tallest Soda Can Tower Balanced On Hand While Blindfolded


Suresh Gaur balanced five soda cans on his hand while blindfolded.

01:26 Wales

Most Consecutive Bounces Of A Table Tennis Ball On A Paddle Handle

Mark Evans

Mark Evans completed 228 consecutive bounces of a table tennis ball on a paddle handle.

United States

Most Times Featured In Top 100 On iPhone Game Center Leaderboards

Jireh Adalia

Jireh A. is in the Top 100 iPhone Game Center Leaderboard 17 times for six iPhone Game Center games.

00:41 United States

Most Back Flip Burpees In 15 Seconds

Justin Case

Justin C. performed six back flip burpees in 15 seconds.

00:48 United States

Most Times Petting A Dog While Standing On One Foot

Mark Maguth

Markie M. pet her dog 30 times while standing on one foot.

01:36 Wales

Most Consecutive Table Tennis Bounces On A Computer Mouse While Standing On One Leg

Mark Evans

Mark Evans bounced a table tennis ball on a computer mouse 257 times while standing on one leg.

05:23 United States

Most Bar Dips In Five Minutes

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber completed 127 consecutive bar dips in five minutes.

03:28 Slovakia

Most Socks On A Left Hand

Pavol Durdik

Pavol D. wore 49 socks on his left hand.


Most Bounces Of A Basketball Off The Side Of A Building In One Minute


Suresh Gaur dribbled a basketball off the side of a building 335 times in one minute.

00:43 Canada

Most Nintendo DS Games Stacked In Five Seconds

Isaac Frada

Isaac F. stacked 20 Nintendo DS games in five seconds.

00:33 Canada

Most Front Walkovers In 30 Seconds

Allie and Elle inc productions

Allie performed 25 front walkovers in 30 seconds.

00:59 United States

Most Muscle-Ups Performed By A 14-Year-Old

Bailey Hilton

Bailey H. performed 14 muscle-ups.

01:00 United States

Most Consecutive Bar Dips In One Minute

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber completed 66 consecutive bar dips in one minute.

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