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Most People Singing "Happy Birthday" While Using Mobile Devices

Chiro 't Ark Leffinge

Chiro and 13 other people sang "Happy Birthday" to their friend while using their smart phones.


Most Clothespins Attached To Tongue

Brendan Kelbie

Brendan Kelbie attached eight clothespins to his tongue.

United States

Most Consecutive Days Chatting Someone On Snapchat

Shawn Galaburda

Shawn G. chatted with a friend for 851 consecutive days on Snapchat.


Most Potatoes Held In One Hand At Once (Palm Down)


WoofDeadBang held 11 potatoes in his hand palm down.

United States

Most Martial Arts Full-Contact Wing Chun-Style Punches In Two Minutes

Norman Breese

Norman B. performed 1,314 martial arts full-contact Wing Chun-style punches in two minutes.


Most Spinning Hook Kicks In 10 Seconds

Shridhar Shinde

Shridhar Shinde performed 10 spinning hook kicks in 10 seconds.

02:44 United States

Most Pet Muscovy Ducks Owned

Shawna Romkey

Shawna R. owned 36 pet Muscovy ducks.

United States

Most Stuffed Animals In A Bedroom

Dylan Bernier

Dylan B. has 1,771 stuffed animals in his bedroom.

United States

Most High Knee Jump Push-Ups In Three Minutes

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber performed 60 high knee jumps in three minutes.


Most Sporks Fit In Open Mouth

Peter Durdik

Peter Durdik fit 70 sporks in his open mouth at once.

United States

Most Times For A Dog To Lick One's Foot Consecutively

Cody Villarreal

Cody's pet dog licked Cody's foot 13 consecutive times.


Most Wooden Clothespins Held In One Hand In One Minute

Peter Durdik

Peter Durdik held 56 clothespins in one hand in one minute.

00:35 Australia

Most Table Tennis Ball Bounces On The Spine Of A 30-cm Wooden Ruler While Standing On One Leg

Brendan Kelbie

Brendan Kelbie bounced a table tennis ball on the spine of a 30-cm wooden ruler 17 times while standing on one leg.

United States

Most Consecutive V-Plank Jacks In Nine Minutes

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber performed 135 V-plank jacks in nine minutes.

05:36 India

Tallest Fidget Spinner Tower

Team Macho Nachos

Team Macho Nachos stacked 20 fidget spinners in a tower.

United States

Most Catches Of A Tennis Ball Bounced Off A Wall In One Minute

Emily Cohen

Emily C. completed 96 catches of a tennis ball bounced off a wall in one minute.

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