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Most Jumps Into A Pair Of Underwear In 30 Seconds

Silvio Sabba

Silvio Sabba jumped into a pair of underwear 14 times in 30 seconds.

United States

Most People Sitting On A Folding Chair

Zack, Kyle,

Zack, Kyle, and their friend sat on a folding chair at the same time.

United States

Most NES Game Cartridges Stacked On A Jar

Finn Tweedie

Finn T. stacked 16 NES game cartridges on a jar.

United States

Most Computer Screen Slaps On Head In 30 Seconds

Jack Lanhardt

Jack L. slapped his head with a computer screen 86 times in 30 seconds.


Most Stairs Ascended In 30 Seconds

Gaurav Bhaati

Gaurav B. ascended 120 stairs in 30 seconds.


Most Car Brands Identified By A 2.5-Year Old

balambigai m

Balambigai M. identified 20 car brands. He is two and a half years old.

United States

Most Stuffed Animals Held At Once

Molly Buffenbarger

Molly B. held 55 stuffed animals at once.

United States

Most Consecutive Rally Hits On One Side Of A Table Tennis Table

Matt Parsons

Matt P. completed 1,230 consecutive rally hits on a single side of a table tennis table.


Longest Time Balancing 20 Wine Glasses On Forehead

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced 20 wine glasses on his forehead for 10 minutes, 36.48 seconds.

United States

Most Pieces Of Gum Chewed At Once

Lester Cock

Lester C. chewed 250 pieces of gum at once. WARNING: Stuffing food in mouth can be dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional eater. We will not accept submissions from minors.


Most Jumping Jacks In 30 Seconds

Calum theobald

Calum T. completed 50 jumping jacks in 30 seconds.

United States

Most Stuffed Animals Stacked On Lap

Maddie Hedenkamp

Maddie H. stacked 23 stuffed animals on her lap.

United States

Most Consecutive "Tick Tocks" In 20 Seconds


Tallulah completed 13 tick tocks in 20 seconds.


Most Kills In One Round Of Classic Competitive Game Mode In "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" (PC)

Ole Christiansen

Ole C. performed five kills in one round of Classic Competitive game mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Longest Tennis Rally While Playing Drums

Carlos Santos

Carlos Santos rallied a tennis ball 189 times while playing drums. He set the record in association with Beat Parental Alienation movement and Albisport to raise awareness against parental alienation.


Most Keepie Uppie Knee Touches Using A Tennis Ball

Laurent Kelly

Laurent K. performed 134 keepie uppie knee touches using a tennis ball.

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