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02:10 India

Most Hearts Drawn In One Minute

Rahul Makwana

Rahul M. drew 104 hearts in one minute.

02:36 India

Most Hearts Drawn In One Minute While Singing

Rahul Makwana

Rahul M. drew 95 hearts in one minute while singing.

03:22 Argentina

Most Illuminated Juggling Props Used On Stage At Once

Marco Paoletti

Performance artists Marco Paoletti, Mark O’Sullivan, Markus Furtner, Declan Mee, Peter Bone, Valerie Sealey, Kaitsu, Dixy, Perry, Julio, Manuel Mitasch used a combined 34 illuminated juggling propson stage at the same time. The group set the record at the K8 Light Night. They used two devil sticks, 15 juggling balls, 11 clubs, two diabolos, two light poi clubs, and two staffs.

00:00 United States

Most Micro-Tip Paintings On Tamarind Seeds

Shaik Ameerjan

Micro-tip painter Shaik Ameerjan created 63 paintings of India's national heroes on tamarind seeds. The seeds average 168 square millimeters in size. The painting marathon lasted six hours, 12 minutes. He set the record to celebrate India's 63rd Republic Day.

02:52 India

Most Miniature Paintings On A Single Canvas

Sandeep Sinha

Sandeep Sinha painted 945 miniature paintings in a single canvas. Each miniature painting measures 1cm x 1cm.

07:09 United States

Most Money Destroyed for Profit

Jerry Paffendorf

Jerry Paffendorf destroys $72 American dollars with the express purpose of reselling it for more, a new world record. He began shredding the bills with a blender, but ultimately resorted to ripping the bills by hand. Paffendorf now plans to sell the creation as an artwork on eBay, with a starting price of $73. Paffendorf performed the feat on February 17, 2009 at a World Record Appreciation Society[] event at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco, California. Dan Rollman and Debbie Hampton were present as witnesses. [#WRAS04][]

02:29 India

Most Pages In A Line Script Art Biography

Dr. Venkata Chary Chintapatla. Ph.D

Dr. Venkata Chary Chintapatla made an 80-page Line Script Art[] biography. The style of art, which Chintapatla claims to have invented himself, appears upon first glance to be nothing more than a picture made of random vertical lines. When the artworks are viewed from 45 degrees, however, specific words and letters from various languages become visible. Read more aboutChintapatla’s projecthere.

01:09 United States

Most Paint Balloons Used To Create A Giant "4th Of July" Painting

Scott McDonald

Scott McDonald stood in front of a canvas while assistants threw 50 paint balloons at him. The result is a giant abstract work of art. He set the record during their 4th of July celebration.

01:29 United States

Most Paintings Of Churches, Temples And Shrines By A Single Artist

Suzanne mancuso

Suzanne Kraus Mancuso painted 1,500 paintings of churches, temples and shrines.

01:26 India

Most Paper Boats Used To Create A Giant Paper Boat Mosaic

gattem venkatesh

Gattem V. constructed 5,432 paper boats and arranged them to make a giant paper boat mosaic. It took him four days to complete the entire artwork.

03:06 India

Most People Fingerprint Painting At Once

Bharathiyar Matriculation

1,106 students at Bharathiyar Matriculation School in Salem, India participated in a group fingerprint painting.

03:12 India

Most People Handprint Painting The Indian National Flag At Once

spkschools namakkal

1,175 students from SPK Schools in Namakkal, India handprint painted the Indian National Flag at once. Dr. S.Prabu Kumar, chairman of the school institution, organized the record.

05:10 India

Most People Painting The National Flag Of India At Once

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Matriculation

400 students from Chinmaya Matriculation School in Coimbatore, India painted the national flag of India at once.

02:38 United States

Most People To Paint On A Single Canvas Without Using Blue

Saint Louis Art Fair Attendees

103 artists who attended the Saint Louis Art Fair painted on the same canvas without using blue. To see the list of artists who created this work, click here.

07:29 United States

Most People To Paint On The Same Canvas Without Using The Color Black

Saint Louis Art Fair Attendees

166 artists who attended the Saint Louis Art Fair painted on the same canvas without using black. The finished piece was bought by Ale Uchitelle. To see the list of artists who created this work, click here.

01:16 Indonesia

Most Poker Faces Drawn In One Minute


Veronica drew 85 poker faces in one minute.

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