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Most Images Of 'Uncle Jesse' Viewed On A Web Browser At Once

Dan Wiese

Dan Wiese displayed 92 images of John Stamos’ Uncle Jesse character from Full House in his internet browser at once. tag:RecordSetterBook01


Smallest File Size Image Uploaded To

Peter Craig

Peter Craig uploaded an image file to only 35 bytes in size.


Most Horlicks Containers Stacked To Paint An Image

Drummer Sridhar

Drummer Sridhar stacked 100 Horlicks containers and painted over an image of Thiruvalluvar, an Indian poet and philosopher. Read more about the feat here.

United States

Largest Animated GIF

The Shorty Awards

During their ceremony held at The Times Center in New York City, The Shorty Awards projected an animated GIF measuring 288 square feet. The GIF, created by Shorty Awards cofounder and Sawhorse Media CTO Lee Semel, featured the "Shorty Whale", designed by Yiying Lu. Lu also designed the original and iconic "Fail Whale." Read more about the project here, and see the GIF in action here.

02:17 Malaysia

Fastest Time To Carve A Hand Image Into A Mirror

Sirajudeen Kamal

Sirajudeen K. carved an image in a piece of mirror in 57.46 seconds.

United States

Most Scanned Images Of Sandwiches On A Website

Jon Chonko

Jon Chonko has 95 scanned images of sandwiches on a website, a world record. The images live on a site he created, Chonko began the project in his New York City office on November 13, 2008, and continues adding images to this day. He uses a HP Scanjet 4570c[] scanner to make the scans.

United States

Most Images Of Charles Barkley On A Cookie

Matthew Nunnery

Matthew Nunnery and his sister Katie decorated a cookie with a single image of basketball player Charles Barkley.

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