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01:21 United States

Fastest Time To Paint A Rainbow (Junior)

Don Krug

Don K. painted a rainbow in 40.01 seconds.

01:50 Germany

Highest Distance Reached For An Artwork Flown Into Space Using A Helium Balloon

Sabrina Terence

Sabrina Terence's painting, Serenity, was flown into space 65 kilometers (21,3255 feet) high using a helium balloon. Read more about the feat here.

04:53 United States

Largest Painting Of A Beaver Painted Using Tongue

Nick Stoeberl

Nick Stoeberl painted a beaver on a canvas using his tongue. The painting measures 24 inches in width and 36 inches in height.

06:19 Wales

Most Consecutive Bounces Of A Tennis Ball On A Spray Paint Can

Mark Evans

Mark Evans bounced a tennis ball on the top of a spray paint can 1,108 times.

02:52 India

Most Miniature Paintings On A Single Canvas

Sandeep Sinha

Sandeep Sinha painted 945 miniature paintings in a single canvas. Each miniature painting measures 1cm x 1cm.

01:43:47 Australia

Most People Painting Plein Air At Once In One Venue


156 participants of "Painting by the Lake" event painted plein air at once in Long Jetty, Australia. The event was hosted by the Central Coast Watercolour Society Inc.

03:01 United States

Fastest Time To Paint A Slice Of Pizza Using Tongue

Nick Stoeberl

Nick Stoeberl painted a slice of pizza using his tongue in one minute, 58.27 seconds.

41:53 India

Largest Painting Created By Mouth

Suvodeep Chatterjee

Suvodeep Chatterjee created the 896 square feet, 35 feet by 25.6 feet, “Save The World”, a multi colored painting in acrylic paint, using only his mouth. Learn more about the feat here.

01:29 United States

Most Paintings Of Churches, Temples And Shrines By A Single Artist

Suzanne mancuso

Suzanne Kraus Mancuso painted 1,500 paintings of churches, temples and shrines.

05:13 United States

Longest Painting

Artist SinGh

Gurmej Singh created "The Transcendental," a 3444.91-meter (11,302 feet, 2.11 inches) long painting. He set the record to raise awareness about liberty, well-being, and the role of women in society. It took Singh 38 days to finish the whole masterpiece. The painting was displayed on the bank of the Grand Rapids River in Michigan, USA.

00:30 India

Fastest Abstract Painting

Parijoy Saha

Parijoy Saha painted an abstract work of art using his bare hands in 0.92 of a second.

06:23 India

Longest National Flag Of India Made By Handprint Painting (Male)

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Matriculation

A student at the Chinmaya Matriculation School in Coimbatore, India made a portrait of the national flag of India that measures 216.23 meters in length.

04:17 India

Fastest Inverted Painting While Singing

Prasanna Bhojashettar

Prasanna Bhojashettar created the inverted painting titled "Motherly Love" in three minutes, 17.56 seconds while singing a Bollywood movie soundtrack.

01:37 United States

Largest Painting Of A Monument Using Tongue

Nick Stoeberl

Nick Stoeberl painted a replica of the Eiffel Tower on a canvas using only his tongue. The painting measures 10 inches in width and 30 inches in height. He set the record to raise money for French Red Cross after terrorist attacks struck Paris, France. See all his paintings here.

02:39 India

Most Painting Methods Used To Paint Abstract Paintings Using Bare Hands

Parijoy Saha

Parijoy Saha used 11 different painting methods to create abstract paintings using his bare hands. See the rest of his record attempt here.

06:24 India

Largest Fingerprint Painting By A Group

Rotary Tirupur

Group members from Rotary Club of Tirupur Pride and AVP Trust Educational Institutions Tirupur created a painting using their fingerprints. The painting measured 24 meters in length and 23 meters in width.

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