Most Consecutive Viewings Of

Most Consecutive Viewings Of "Dirty Dancing"

United States Lindsay Gagnon

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Hudson, Massachusetts, United States / March 18, 2009

Lindsay Gagnon watched Dirty Dancing three times in less than 12 hours. She started to watch it a fourth time, but her friends made her turn it off and go outside.

Gagnon set the record on March 18, 2009 in Hudson, Massachaussetts. Jeremy Munroe served as a witness.



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  • Canada Darryl Learie

    Darryl Learie

    If she liked the movie, I suppose 3 times over is not too difficult, but for me (and I cannot stand that movie) this would truly test my limits, and sanity. (sorry, we're just different). ;)

  • United States Zac Federico

    Zac Federico

    well gee that's pretty lame

  • United States Lindsey Weber

    Lindsey Weber

    I love this record!

  • She wanted to post it as in a row, and the site set it for 12 hours. So think of it that way instead.

  • United States G Christopher

    G Christopher

    this should not be recognized if it eventually cannot be broken. dirty dancing is 100 minutes long. If you do the math, the most times this could be watched in 12 hours is 7.2 times. which I am tempted to do, because it is a good movie.

  • this is far from an accomplishment my dear

  • Amazing... Lindsay, we are so proud of you. CONGRATS!

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