Most Goodfellas Quotes Exchanged With A Muppet In One Minute

United States Patrick Sauer


New York City, New York, United States / January 19, 2010

Patrick Sauer swapped 28 quotes from the movie Goodfellas with his Muppets hand puppet in one minute.


- must be direct quotes from film
- do not have to be a professional ventriloquist
- must take turns swapping quotes with the Muppet


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  • Bangladesh Rahatul Ashiq

    Rahatul Ashiq

    Very funny. Excellent at the same time. Couvreur Perpignan

  • United States milan joy

    milan joy

    I have gone through the video you have shared here and that specifies most goodfellas quotes exchanged with a muppet in one popular diamond rings minute. Very few details regarding the video was mentioned here. I am expecting more and hope that soon you will update it.

  • China Xiulin Chang

    Xiulin Chang

    you could win the American got tallent's prize!

  • United States Patrick Sauer

    Patrick Sauer

    Good question. I see it like a mixed doubles match, so we're like McEnroe/Carillo at the French Open in 1977. Dos that help whatsoever?

  • does the muppet get credit for breaking the record too?

  • muppet or puppet?

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