Most Toppings On A Single Hot Dog

United States


Waupun, Wisconsin, United States / June 8, 2015

Abby B. put 40 unique toppings on a single hot dog.

- each topping must be edible and commonly used on a hot dog 
- toppings must touch hot dog and be contained in the bun
- must take at least one bite of hot dog with the toppings
- must follow form of current record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Jim Toothy

    I'm hungry

  • The Internet  Stevie

    used to see the original hot dog mobile in my south chicago neighborhood. That the same one?

  • Africa eva-1 su

    Specific !!!

  • United States Josh Bolinger

    What specific type of hot dog and bun were used?

    • The Internet Michael Tierney

      Oscar Mayer Hotdog (the only hotdog of choice) and the bun was something that we bought at a local bakery.

    • United States Jenn Wark

      Thanks again, Michael -- we're thrilled with the interest in this unusual record and it seems poised to be a great competitive category. Looks like you may have started something!

  • United States Josh Jones

    Now here draws the problem. Your record states and I quote "each topping must be unique"

    However, in your reply to Alex, you said "Totally have to be typical hot dog condiments" So.....which is it

    • United States Jenn Wark

      The "unique" rule was added by RecordSetter to maintain that no topping can be used more than once - as it is in the original record.

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    Do they have to be "typical" hot dog condiments, or can we make up our own!

    • The Internet Michael Tierney

      Totally have to be typical hot dog condiments. To prepare for this feat we researched the internet and found all toppings that were out their from New York to Chicago to LA, from Street Carts to Gourmet Restaurants, We went on a Coast to Coast Wienie Roast!

  • United States Jenn Wark

    So what toppings were used?

    • The Internet Michael Tierney

      Onion, Sauerkraut, Sour Cream, Ketchup, Pineapple Cucumber Salsa, Shredded Cheese, Baby Corn, Pepperoni, Coleslaw, Jalapeño, Pico de Gallo, Pickle, Lettuce, Potato Chips, Chili, Pepper, Salt, Mayo, Mustard, Steak, Tomatoes, Hot Sause, Nacho Cheese, Relish, Egg, Mac N' Cheese, Bacon, Green Bell Pepper, Yellow Bell Pepper, Red Bell Pepper, Banana Pepper, Black Olives, Avocado, and Serrano Pepper. 34 topping all on a Oscar Mayer hot dog!

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