Tallest Indian Coin Tower

Daksh Choudhary


Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India / September 18, 2014

Daksh C. created a coin tower using 140 Indian coins.

- must use Indian coins
- must observe RecordSetter balancing criteria


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  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    MaAnn P.

    Amen to that Nancy-Kate :)

  • United States Nancy Kate Phillippi

    Nancy Kate Phillippi

    Daksh's account on RECORDSETTER is one of the ones that I feel was worth every second of his time. He is an amazing kid who loves to show off his talent. And, when one of his records are beaten, he does NOT get on and trash-talk the person under comments. He either beats their record or calmly accepts the fact that he has reached his maximum potential and can't go higher. Stay on RecordSetter Daksh!!!!

  • United States Simon Kirk

    Simon Kirk


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