Longest Suspended Beer Can Chain

Wales Mark Evans


Ruabon, Wales / August 31, 2014

Mark E. held up a horizontal beer can chain 11 cans in length.

- must use 440-ml empty beer cans
- cans must be stacked horizontally
- chain must be held aloft for at least five seconds
- no adhesives permitted
- record setter must set up and hold the can chain without assistance
- must provide video evidence


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  • Wales Mark Evans

    Mark Evans

    hi tony clark its you that's looking the village idiot you have put the wrong flag up with your profile once you have corrected that check the welsh person who is no 3 this month on the record setters leader board, buy next week I will be no 2 thanks my friend

  • Wales Tony clark

    Tony clark

    This lad is still bitter that I can hit a bullseye from further than him. He's tried putting a fake video up but well done to record setters for not falling for it! There's only one topcat!

  • Wales Tony clark

    Tony clark

    This lad is the ruabon idiot. He on something

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