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Most Stick Figures Drawn In Five Minutes

United States Edmond Petres

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Miercurea-Ciuc, Harghita County, Romania / June 9, 2010

Edmond Petres drew 167 stick man figurines in five minutes.

- each figure must have a head, body, arms and legs


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  • Philippines Nikki Cuaton

    Nikki Cuaton

    i guess it would be better to provide another video for this Brandon .. how can we make sure if you really made 218 stick figures?...especially the criteria state that "each figure must have a head, body, arms and legs"... we cannot see it in the video either..

  • United States Brandon Landon

    Brandon Landon

    I apoligize for the no sound. Something on my computer had a virus and made this video have no volume.

  • United States Lindsey Weber

    Lindsey Weber

    What define's a "stickman"?

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