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Fastest Time To Solve A Rubik's Cube While Hopping On One Leg

United States Jacob Friedman


Monroe, New York, United States / July 12, 2012

Jacob Friedman solved a Rubik's cube in 57.69 seconds while hopping on one leg.

- must use standard 3 x 3 x 3 Rubik's cube
- must hop on same leg for duration of attempt
- WCA rules apply
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • England Atlantic Wolf

    Atlantic Wolf

    This is a fake scramble

  • United States Logan Hunt

    Logan Hunt

    I wish I could report this for several reasons. 1) This "record holder" also holds the record for two books on head while solving 2) This is not a wca scramble by any means and is in fact a fake scramble because it starts with a Y-Permutation and is followed by a series of memorized M, E, and S. These moves aren't even recognized in Quarter-Turn Metric.

  • United States Kolton goodbar

    Kolton goodbar

    Feliks can beat this

  • United States Hamza Zaidi

    Hamza Zaidi

    THIS IS 100% FAKE!!! At the beginning of his scramble he did a Y permutation (F R U' R' U' R U R' F' R U R' U' R' F R F') which switches two diagonal corners and two adjacent edges. H then used M slice moves and a few E slice moves to scramble. Then he undid the E and M moves and finished with the same Y permutation (F R U' R' U' R U R' F' R U R' U' R' F R F'). This is one hundred percent fake. Please remove this video.

  • Australia Ewan Chate

    Ewan Chate

    I agree, this record looks a dodgy to me in that Canaan did his own scrambling and it certainly looked like he was doing specific moves to do this. I'd recommend that he get someone else to do a random scramble and have another attempt. There are too many uncertainties in this record attempt.

  • Australia Caleb Clark

    Caleb Clark

    I don't think this should be considered a world record, he just reversed the scramble that he did and didn't do an actual solve.

  • United States Kenny D

    Kenny D

    This should not be consider a record for three reasons. One - In the beginning of the solve he was using a lot of m moves (moving the middle layer) and when he scrambled he also used a lot of m moves, which leads me to believe he just reversed every thing he did. Two - He had perfect look head, (having a consistent flow to the solve) even top speedcubers make tiny stops, not even a second long to think about what to do or find a piece, and he did not stop at all. Three - You don't even know if he is hopping on one foot because you can't see his feet. Also I am unsure of the legitimacy of his other "records" and think they are very suspicious too.

  • United States lewis byng

    lewis byng

    this is fake. sorry to point out. the scramble he did 1st of all wasnt wca because wca doesnt include the middle slice moves second of all when he solved it i saw that he just reversed the moves he did to scramble it meaning the last moves he did to scramble it were m moves then he started with m moves also there was no method for example CFOP LBL ZZ ROUX it was just him reversing his scramble this shouldnt be allowed!

  • England Jason Parmar

    Jason Parmar

    Nicely done. Glad to see the world record I created has been broken so many times!

    One thing though, looks like you're jumping, not hopping (although I'm sure you are!)

  • United States Jonathan Lin

    Jonathan Lin


    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Dan Rollman

      Nicely done, Jonathan! You planning to attempt any other Rubik's records? (Also, for categories like this, please shoot at a wide angle in the future to provide foolproof evidence you're actually hopping on one leg.

  • United States Shane Frantz

    Shane Frantz

    beat it again xD video will be uploaded soon

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Nice one! For the future, competitors in this category should shoot with a much wider angle so we can see that you're actually hopping on one leg. Impossible to tell on this video.

  • England Peter Bone

    Peter Bone

    That's a great time SlrWaffle. What was the scramble?

  • United States Ian McGehee

    Ian McGehee

    How can anyone beat this if you do before I get one I well get so mad.

  • England Peter Bone

    Peter Bone

    There should definitely be a rule about random scrambling. Maybe you could specify that WCA rules should apply.

    • United States Michael Conard

      Michael Conard

      I wasn't sure what to do. I used an official scramble, but I thought people might accuse me of cheating. It didn't say WCA so I just wanted to prove that the cube was scrambled.

    • England Peter Bone

      Peter Bone

      Yes, I'm sure you did it fairly. My comment was to one of the recordsetter admin to update the rules to make it clearer.

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Dan Rollman

      Just added the rule that "WCA rules apply." We'll add that to all other Rubik's records, too. Thanks all.

  • United States Michael Conard

    Michael Conard

    Just broke this WR by 6 seconds. I'll upload it when the Internet comes back on(:

  • United States Jacob Friedman

    Jacob Friedman

    Shane, I don't want to burst your bubble but F2L is almost completely solved when you start. The cube is not scrambled sufficiently if its even scrambled legitimately at all.

  • England Jason Parmar

    Jason Parmar

    Mate, your foot touches the group at one point! :P

  • United States Andy Vanthournout

    Andy Vanthournout

    I apologize for the crappy audio commentary

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Sweet! Also, since you hopped on same leg for entire attempt, I tweaked rules so that in the future, competitors will need to follow your format and use one leg only.

  • England Ewan Clementson

    Ewan Clementson

    World record.

  • United States Jacob Friedman

    Jacob Friedman

    ill beat this in 2 mins. i ll do it when i get home from school today.

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