Largest Soda Can Triangle

Largest Soda Can Triangle

United States Nolan Loughlin


Fitchburg, Massachusetts, United States / April 30, 2011

Nolan Loughlin assembled a triangular structure made of 171 soda cans.


- each tier must have fewer cans than the one below it
- no adhesives may be used

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  • United States Tom Powell

    Tom Powell

    Going To Boss This;)

  • United States Max Patton

    Max Patton

    I shall also take this on, but I need a LOT of cans.

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Dan Rollman

      Shoot a video of it when you create it. Also, remember to recycle! :-)

  • United States Dillan Tomas

    Dillan Tomas

    im going to take it on

  • United States Nolan Loughlin

    Nolan Loughlin

    Yes I do have video evidence, but my computer can't read the file. As soon as I figure out how to fix it I will upload it.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Nolan and friend, awesome job! Do you have any video evidence? Would love to see future submissions in this category include video.

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