Largest Balloon Arch

United States


St. Paul, Minnesota, United States / July 3, 2004

Greg Arrigoni used 1434 Qualtex balloons to build a balloon arch. The balloons were three feet in diameter. The arch measured 600 feet wide and 340 feet tall. It took 65 tanks of helium to fill the balloons. The arch was built at the Grand Excursion festival to commemorate the the 150-year anniversary of the founding of St. Paul, Minnesota.



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  • United States Tilly Racker

    Fifty years is a long time doula pittsburgh

  • The Internet Greg Arrigoni

    Just to let people know - the balloons I used were 30 inches in diameter (1404 of them) and 30 balloons that were 48 inches in diameter

  • The Internet amari mccartney


  • United States eva su


  • United States eva su


  • United States eva su


  • The Internet Claudia Melbye

    We're so proud of you for this magnificent feat of engineering and creativity Greg! It really enhanced this event and our civic pride.

  • United States Rob Birdsong

    Have a look now Peter

  • The Internet Greg Arrigoni

    there is a video on The inflation was done with 27 people starting at 9:00PM till 6:00AM. Balloons were 30 inches in diameter.

  • Australia Peter Craig

    Is there any other footage or photos of the arch? Looks great but easy to manipulate/fake as a photo. I'm also wondering whether the criteria or title of this record needs to be a little more specific - does it need to be helium filled balloons? How big must the balloons be. Does "largest" mean tallest/widest or should this be "Most Helium Balloons in a Balloon Arch". Do the balloons line up in single file or can they be grouped together? What are they joined with?

  • The Internet luc bertrand

    Greg, once again, this was a phenomenal job! Only a balloon professional can appreciate the work you did put into this. Frankly, I would not even dare to start a job like this. Hat off!

  • The Internet arlene kronowitz

    We knew you could do it. Congratulations on setting the record!

  • The Internet Graham Rouse

    Great job! Congratulations!

  • The Internet Ken Stillman

    Greg This is truly legendary

  • The Internet sandi masori

    It looks really simple, but most people have no idea how hard this really is- over a lake, in a boat, with wind and giant balloons... wow! Kudos Greg, glad it was you and not me ;-) Great job!

  • The Internet Capt. Joel

    Kudos Greg

  • The Internet Carol Miner

    Awesome Greg! I'd help next time you build a huge project. Thanks!

  • The Internet Garrett Gruberman

    Still amazes me every time I see it! Congrats my friend!

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