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Most Sit-Ups In One Minute

United States Alicia Weber


Clermont, Florida, United States / April 12, 2012

Alicia Weber completed 59 sit-ups in one minute.

- must lie flat on floor at bottom of sit-up
- back must be perpendicular to the ground at apex of sit-up
- partially completed sit-ups will be deducted from the final tally
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence

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  • Nepal Ram chandra Khanal

    Ram chandra Khanal

    It is necessary to establish standers of sit-up exercise for the whole world.

  • United States Brendan Lee

    Brendan Lee

    I'm not 8 anymore though lol

  • United States Brendan Lee

    Brendan Lee

    Actually I got 88 sit ups in one minute in abesville elementary in Missouri back in the 90's. I find this offensive that nobody recognizes it.

  • United States Tomas Muñoz

    Tomas Muñoz

    LIER! Matthew do not lie. I was 12 and I did 54 sit up in a school trip. We had different teams and I got chosen to do it. 54 sit ups in a minute. The record right now is 82. SO MUCH! it was made September.

    • United States Sean


      I am 12 right now and I did 54 lol

  • Nepal Ram chandra Khanal

    Ram chandra Khanal

    I want to know long and short sit-up have no different or separate events ? Long is harder and it could not done more as short. please reply me . As David had done or karansoda t hease are not same style.

  • India Shalender Yadav

    Shalender Yadav

    I beated Your Record.

  • United States Debo


    don't you have to reach your knees when you are coming up?

  • United States Cherie Oney

    Cherie Oney

    After looking at both Kimberly and Alicia's records several times I feel that Kimberly does not seem to do full reps on her sit-ups - she doesn't appear to come up high enough on some reps and on those her back doesn't look perpendicular as the rules require. So I think it is reasonable to question if Kimberly's reps are full reps. Would other fitness record holders familiar with sit-ups like to give their comments as to if all her reps are full sit-ups?

    • United States Alicia Weber

      Alicia Weber

      I agree with you Cherie. Kimberly's situps are not full reps and she did not follow the rules as she is to start a situp with the bottom flat on the floor and then take her back perpendicular at the apex of the situp. She failed at doing both rules. These are just "pulses" or half reps. This should not count as a record as she did not follow the rules.

    • England Richie Howey

      Richie Howey

      Hi Alicia, after you wrote this comment a year later you then break the record using the exact from you disagree with. Do you think that your world record is a fair ?

      If i was to do the form you have chosen I'd probably get 90+ however I don't want to sit at the top of the records as no.1 knowing fine well it's not a full sit up.

      I'm training non stop and I plan to beat your what I'd call not full reps with full reps as my previous video shows. I look forward to the challenge and I'm pretty confident as I held back on my previous attempt by a couple. I just wanted to know your thoughts on this? I'd just like to say there is no bad feelings towards you and I have nothing but respect for you and all the records you hold :-)

    • United States Alicia Weber

      Alicia Weber

      Hi Richie, I have followed the rules by touching my lower back to ground and coming to an apex at the top...the same form you used to get 71 reps. This is called COMPETITION. There is a lot of it here. You better learn how to compete and keep good sportsmanship or YOU will not survive. Just a reminder, I set over 400 world records in physical fitness and sports between 2 world record books. I compete everyday as I compete in 17 sports and I have been a world and national champion in two of the 17 sports. If you want to whine over getting beat by 1 rep, then you better hide in a closet and get off Recordsetter.

    • England Richie Howey

      Richie Howey

      Lol, how rude. Lost all respect for you. I run a fitness camp. I'm going to actively train each one of my members to break all your records :-) it will be fun. And hopefully at te same time teach you some manners. P.s for the record I got 92 reps doing it your way :-D

    • Mexico Mario Torre

      Mario Torre

      If you can do it, just do it. It will be a pleasure for me that someone could compete and beat me. It will teach me that i have to train better and harder, thank you

    • Mexico Mario Torre

      Mario Torre

      I am partially agree with you. Those are not full sit-ups, but neither Alicia nor you and me made correctly and full sit ups. Only Guy King and David Bengiashvili made proper and full sit-ups. I want to be honest. That is the reason I decided to break that record, to prove that, if that is the criteria, so many records will be broken, and I am in that way, to breake all the cheating records Or fake records. If you say you can do more, do it to prove that all this is fake. It will be one day that the judges will stop it and they will have to back to the basics and really follow strict rules. Then the competition will be really interesting and it will be a honor for me to compete with you. Have a good day Richie.

    • England Richie Howey

      Richie Howey

      you are 100% correct Mario :-) congrats on your record.

    • United States Gavin


      Riche howey today I set my own personal record for doing 92 sit ups in 60 seconds. I will post a video when I beat that record and I'm in high school.

  • United States Ryan Walsh

    Ryan Walsh

    Do your knees have to be bent

  • United States Trever Barnett

    Trever Barnett

    busted out 67 in health class today dont work out a bit! im gunning for that 80

  • United States massman


    63 in 2 minute is not much. In 1979 did 80 in 1 min and 123 in 2 min. Keep at it

  • United States Lietukisya S.

    Lietukisya S.

    this record was beat by Lauren Anderson in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2012. She did 63 in LESS than one minute......check youtube.

  • United States Quinn Kelso

    Quinn Kelso

    I will beat this tomorrow

  • United States Alicia Weber

    Alicia Weber

    If the bent elbow that is held parralel to ground (which is bent from hands held above ear level on side of head) crosses the knee at top of situp, then you have met perpendicular apex. All reps were performed where bent elbow crossed knee at top of situp.

    • United States Chris Chau

      Chris Chau

      Does it matter if your arms are on your head or across your shoulders?

  • United States jjmcota123 millar

    jjmcota123 millar

    when i get a camera my bro will beat this, and how is this perpendicular???

  • United States Alicia Weber

    Alicia Weber

    Thanks Emily!

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Emily Patricia

    Way to take it back, Alicia. Guy, it's your move!

  • United States Guy King

    Guy King

    Thanks Emily!, havent decided yet, may re-attempt this one and aim for 60

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Emily Patricia

    Nice going, Guy! What record will you break next?!

  • Georgia David Begiashvili

    David Begiashvili

    There is nothing, Guillaume. I am glad to help you!

  • France Guillaume Bourgeois

    Guillaume Bourgeois

    David thank you for giving me the translated text of Ioseb.

    • United States Jason A Faulkner

      Jason A Faulkner


    • United States Jason A Faulkner

      Jason A Faulkner


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