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United States Debbie Hampton

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Venice, California, United States / February 22, 2009

Debbie Hampton raises the bar of hushing community by performing a 36.78 second quot;shh,quot; a new world record. Hampton destroyed Ian Kalman’s previous record by over nine seconds.

The feat was perfomed in Hampton’s Venice, California home. Van Neil Hampton and Daisy Jane Hampton were present to witness the record.


- "shh" must be audible for duration of attempt


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  • United States Barbie Farizan

    Barbie Farizan

    OK Boom

  • United States zorian


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  • United States Joe root

    Joe root

    Nice go on

  • United States samantha


    I can go longer

  • United States Emily Wilson

    Emily Wilson

    Ok Jovah, You are JUST EXHALING! In my opinion it does not break the older shh record.

  • United States Jovah Siegel

    Jovah Siegel

    Surely, the finger over my lips makes up for that. ;) But seriously, I agree with you. I think the noise that differentiates a 'shh' from a whistle/exhale is the speed at which your breath is expelled. So since this is a duration-type record, the 'shh' is being reduced to less and less. All that I can say is, I tried my best to be legit about it. :/

  • United States David Webber

    David Webber

    It's difficult to say if this utterance really qualifies as a "shh." There is a distinct whistling sound which shouldn't be possible in the voiceless postveolar fricative /ʃ/ phoneme.

  • Australia Peter Craig

    Peter Craig

    hmmm, don't say that Rob, now you're making me doubt myself!

  • United States Rob Birdsong

    Rob Birdsong

    I gotta say, something about the performance is slightly suspicious Peter.

  • United States G Christopher

    G Christopher

    so inaudible you can't even hear it at parts. whats the deal?

  • they have to be more specific, I could do it forever if they don't mention 1or more breathes or breaths or whatever...

  • Yes. Yes, she is.

  • come on, this isn't Shhh - its nothing.

  • Debbie is Hot. She can shhhh me all day long. Those lips rock.

  • Debbie is Hot. She could Shhhh me all day. Those lips rock.

  • Why do you shh! all day?

  • the record may have been broken but it's my fav "shh" record, then it's 12/8/08 and 8/30/08, respectively.

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