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Portland, Oregon, United States / July 26, 2010

Jovah Siegel released a “shh” lasting one minute, 44.01 seconds.


- "shh" must be audible for duration of attempt


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  • The Internet jessicacoles

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  • The Internet alex charles

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  • The Internet Barbie Farizan

    OK Boom

  • The Internet zorian

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  • United States Joe root

    Nice go on

  • The Internet samantha

    I can go longer

  • United States Emily Wilson

    Ok Jovah, You are JUST EXHALING! In my opinion it does not break the older shh record.

  • The Internet Jovah Siegel

    Surely, the finger over my lips makes up for that. ;) But seriously, I agree with you. I think the noise that differentiates a 'shh' from a whistle/exhale is the speed at which your breath is expelled. So since this is a duration-type record, the 'shh' is being reduced to less and less. All that I can say is, I tried my best to be legit about it. :/

  • The Internet David Webber

    It's difficult to say if this utterance really qualifies as a "shh." There is a distinct whistling sound which shouldn't be possible in the voiceless postveolar fricative /ʃ/ phoneme.

  • Australia Peter Craig

    hmmm, don't say that Rob, now you're making me doubt myself!

  • United States Rob Birdsong

    I gotta say, something about the performance is slightly suspicious Peter.

  • The Internet G Christopher

    so inaudible you can't even hear it at parts. whats the deal?

  • they have to be more specific, I could do it forever if they don't mention 1or more breathes or breaths or whatever...

  • Yes. Yes, she is.

  • come on, this isn't Shhh - its nothing.

  • Debbie is Hot. She can shhhh me all day long. Those lips rock.

  • Debbie is Hot. She could Shhhh me all day. Those lips rock.

  • Why do you shh! all day?

  • the record may have been broken but it's my fav "shh" record, then it's 12/8/08 and 8/30/08, respectively.

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