Most Shakespearean Sonnets In A Manuscript

Zimbabwe Philani Amadeus Nyoni


Bulawayo, Zimbabwe / August 3, 2015

Philani Amadeus Nyoni wrote a manuscript containing 306 Shakespearean sonnets.

- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Oxander


    Rather loose interpretation of the form, brother! Your lines are frequently overfilled past six feet and often employ slant rhyme - Shakespeare's name is given to the form because he popularized it, and if you read his surviving 154 sonnets closely you will see that he did neither of these things. Much love to you for the effort, but this is hardly a legitimate record.

    • Zimbabwe Philani Amadeus Nyoni

      Philani Amadeus Nyoni

      While I admire your respect for convention I hold the same regard for innovation. I am certain Shakespeare, Spencer et al were on this side of the fence as well.

      What would 400 years of sonneteering be if we conformed to exactly the same thing that as done back then? Would you dismiss Shakespeare's work for not conforming to the Italian rhyme scheme? No, it is innovation on his part, deviation, as consistent as it is in my work is not considered in that light, right, 'brother'?

      The extended meter is more natural to my tongue and poetry is sound. I vary my lines to sound because these are all experimental. The half rhymes, female rhymes, visual rhymes and the like were intentional.

      Do not be crushed by progress. I am 21st century Africa interrogating 16th century England. That's the first context you should consider.

      Now read again and stand corrected.

  • Zimbabwe Philani Amadeus Nyoni

    Philani Amadeus Nyoni

    We are here to stay!

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