Most World Records Set While Shirtless

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Most World Records Set While Shirtless

United States Josh Graber

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Roscoe, Illinois, United States / March 23, 2011

Josh Graber set/broke 23 records without wearing a shirt.

The records are as follows:

Most Consecutive Jumps Over One’s Own Leg
Most Plastic Spoons Held In One Hand
Most Articles Of Clothing Placed On A Guitar
Most Matches Lit Off A Matchbox In 30 Seconds
Fastest Consumption Of A Bowl Of Cereal
Fastest Time To Knock 20 Spoons Off Of Counter With Only Downward Elbow Strikes
Most Water Bottles Dumped On Self In 20 Seconds
Fastest Time To Recite The Periodic Table While Doing A Headstand
Fastest Time To Jump Into A Pair Of Jeans
Highest Paper Clip Drop Into A Glass Jar
Most Mamp;M’s Eaten In One Minute
Farthest Distance To Toss A Paper Clip Into A Glass Jar
Highest Distance To Drop A Connect Four Piece Into A Connect Four Board
Fastest Time To Change A Light Bulb While Standing On Someone’s Back
Fastest Time To Recite The Greek Alphabet While Doing A Handstand
Longest Time Lying On Back In Snow Wearing Only Boxers While Eating Ice Cream With Bare Hands
Longest Distance To Blow Out A Candle
Most Times Heading A Balloon Back And Forth
Fastest Time For Two People To Switch Pants
Fastest Tandem Connect Four Checkerboard
Fastest Symmetrical Fill Of A Connect Four Board By Two People With One Eye Closed Using Their Non-Dominant Hands
Fastest Time For Two People To Blow Up Balloons And Pop Them By Sitting On Them
Shortest Pillow Fight

- may set an original record or break an existing record
- must provide video evidence


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